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Has the heat of IEO passed? From the market feedback point of view, it seems that yes, at the beginning of the year everyone rushed to tell, the hot scene of snapping up the number of places is now difficult to see, most of the projects immediately after the end of the IEO into silence, the price of the currency fell. For example, the RSR coin issued by the fire currency, the price of the online line is 0.09 US dollars, has now fallen to 0.002 US dollars, the price of the currency has shrunk more than 40 times, and the DREP issued by GATE.IO has encountered a cliff-like plunge after going online, from 0.1 US dollars quickly. It fell to $0.003 and has not seen any improvement so far.

However, just a few months ago, the IEO Hundred Regiments battle was still in full swing at major exchanges. Since the opening of the FET project IEO on its exchange in February, other exchanges have followed suit. According to the cryptocurrency exchange Bitmex's statistics in May, the ICO financing scale in the first quarter of 2019 decreased by 97% year-on-year. Conversely, the IEO project continued to be sought after. By the end of May, the global IEO market value reached $907.7 million.

Seeing the situation of IEO is great, until the bull market is coming.

Why is the IEO being left out of the crowd when the market welcomes the arrival of the bull market? In fact, the concept of IEO appeared as early as 2016, but it was not until 19 years that it was burned. The reason is because this long bear market has consumed the vitality of the market and the liquidity is sluggish. Whether it is an exchange or an investor, there is an urgent need to open up new channels to revitalize funds and make up for the losses caused by shrinking investment. So people re-think of IEO.

As a fundraising tool, IEO is used by the exchange to play a complementary role. On the one hand, it deepened its trading attributes and explored the use of the platform; on the other hand, it gained new traffic and increased revenue. For the project side, with the endorsement of the exchange, the degree of attention will increase, and the bear market will also have the opportunity to raise funds for project development. Why not?


混乱的行业正在伤害那些努力工作,从事科学研究,积极推动区块链技术应用的人。当人们普遍认为某些事情是有害的时候,即使有人持怀疑态度,他们仍然可能会屈服于公众思维,并认为这是有害的而不思考,这就是“群体效应”。因此,当IEO被称为“酷”时,我们觉得有必要进行调查和研究。真的如他们所说的那样吗? IEO项目是否已被彻底消灭,哪些项目仍值得关注?

当然,没有军事毁灭。仍有许多项目选择IEO作为融资方式。例如,货币安全刚刚在其平台上启动了ERD。在三天内,它增加了8倍,每日营业额超过1亿。 IEO平台上还有很多粉丝。 Bitfinex发布的平台硬币LEO也受到了很多关注。作为USDT的利益相关者,涉嫌怀疑已被Tether和Bitfinex所笼罩,因此当他们想要发行新币时,怀疑和关注将齐头并进。 LEO在Bitfinex推出时的表现并不差,价格现在约为1.8美元。值得关注的另一个IEO项目是BitTorrent,这是一个众所周知的下载工具,用于在波场采集后发布令牌。与5月和6月推出的许多项目相比,2月份IEO的BOT可视为前身项目。 BTT的市场表现与收到的关注一样惊人。在5月和6月激增之后,BTT的价格现在几乎是开盘价的十倍。


你为什么这么说? BCC支付公共连锁最近在东南亚实施商业登陆,与几家娱乐公司合作开发专用支付代币。未来,其业务中的资金支付流程将通过BCC公共链完成,BCC令牌将用作其令牌交易的燃料费。与仍处于白皮书阶段的其他项目相比,BCC是率先实现区块链技术未来蓝图以增强实体经济的第一个项目。选择娱乐业作为正确的轨道是BCC对市场的准确洞察力。 BCC高性能支付系统完全符合娱乐行业对简单便捷支付的要求,商业化流程必须以更少的工作量完成。

Holders of BCC tokens should remain patience, and by the time they are used on a large scale, the value will be far greater than the current. This is not to say that I am talking about BCC as a consumable token. Dapp development and trading on the public chain will reduce the total amount of BCC tokens, and its value will continue to rise with the deflation process. In addition, the “Energy Mechanism” opens the first step in the innovation of the BCC model. As the user participation increases, a large number of BCC tokens will be locked. The market liquidity will decrease accordingly, and the price of the currency will naturally rise.

I used to be ICO, now IEO, there are many ways to ignite people's dreams of riches. The retailers are struggling to find hundreds of coins and thousands of coins with their money. However, more often they are smashed by the stormy market. The last one has nothing. The market is raging, and the industry is ushered in. But for investors, this is precisely the process of recognizing the reality and cooling the mind. We are always forced by the market to take a cruel investment course, but in the next wave we have forgotten to return to rationality, how important is reasonable investment.

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